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Diana Yuan, Huawei EBG, shares how #Huawei hopes to be the preferred partner in digital transformation: #ICTInsights

Yan Lida discuss on how CIOs can prepare digital transformation success towards enterprise future #ICTInsights :

Ajay Gupta shares how dedication to innovation made #Huawei one of the top global players in industry: #ICTInsights

Brennan IT chose #Huawei hardware for an effective cloud backup & disaster recovery services for Australian market :

Dr Abdul Memon shared the challenges of #IoT connectivity in the ecosystem and opportunity for new revenue stream during #CommunicAsia2017.

Ren Zhi Yuan, CEO of BIH on the best use of SDN technology at #Huawei ISP Summit

Arthur Cheong, CEO of Ectivise on how #Huawei grows everyone business at Huawei ISP Summit

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