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Huawei’s small cell solution has been deployed globally in more than 40 networks. We provide a full range of small cell products including micro BTs/RRU and Pico BTs/RRU with SingleSON and HetNet CA (Carrier Aggregation) solutions. The product portfolio c

Dynamic business and technology landscapes are bringing about rapid changes to traditional tertiary education demands and practices. Driven by a nedd to ensure long-term pedagogy relevance and operational sustainability, achieving adaptive agility has nev

This IDC Technology Spotlight summarizes the dramatic changes underway in the market for trunking applications, especially for public safety and industry verticals such as manufacturing. The papaer also takes a closer look at new technologies such as LTE

In consideration of Huawei product portfolio, utility IT and business unit decision makers encounter a number of challenges in developing a smart grid ICT infrastructure. The following business challenges and consideration can be interrelated and share de

Responsible for enterprise infrastructure in the back office, IT is convincingly the valued critical partner leading security and data management in the business operational systems. Several long arching trends are bolstering the collaborative efforts tha

The human being is a storytelling animal. That will probably never change. As much as images are serving up information and meaning across visual-rich platforms, they aren't replacing storytelling, but transforming it.

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