2020 Nissan Altima Coupe Reviews

2020 Nissan Altima Coupe
 Price and Release date

2020 Nissan Altima Coupe Reviews – 2020 Nissan Altima Coupe

Brad Bergholdt, Tribune News Service

2020 Nissan Altima Coupe
Performance 2020 Nissan Altima Coupe

March 15, 2020

Q: We accept a 2017 Nissan Altima and are aggravating to amount out how to acclimatize the low beams. We replaced the absolute headlight accumulation on our 2007 Toyota Highlander and were able to acclimatize the beams afterwards a appropriate tool. However, all online searches for the Nissan announce the car has to be taken to the dealership for adjustment. Can you advice with instructions on how this could be done at home?

–Steve and Cindy

A: Adjusting your headlight housings for able alignment is accessible at home if you can acquisition a long, absolutely akin breadth with a vertical awning such as a barn door. (Note: Absolutely akin pavement is adamantine to find!)

Here are Nissan’s recommendations afore any inspection/adjustment is performed:

Remove any cargo; accomplish abiding added annoy and jack are appropriately stowed; ample the ammunition tank; set annoy burden to the defined value; animation the advanced and rear of the agent to achieve it; set the advanced auto straight; add a 150-lb. disciplinarian or equivalent.

Next, admeasurement from the arena up to the centermost of anniversary low axle headlight ball and alter this acme to the awning application a accumbent band of appearance tape. Add two added accumbent band curve at 1 inch and 2 inches beneath the headlight height.

A added all-encompassing acclimation is to drive up as abutting as accessible to the awning and mark a accumbent and vertical band with appearance band area the centermost of the low axle ablaze strikes the awning (easier and possibly added accurate). The Altima is again backed up 33 anxiety from the awning (this ambit varies amid car makes). Block one headlight alternately with agenda or a anhydrate and axle area the actual axle strikes the screen. The best acute projected atom should abatement amid the two lower marks (very hardly bottomward from level).

Vertical acclimation is accessible via a spiral bottomward low on the aback ancillary of the housing, almost centered amid the two lamp sockets (screwdriver comes bottomward angular to accommodated the screw). Accumbent acclimation is not possible.

I should acknowledgment that states may accept differing alignment specs, and some headlight housings accommodate a balloon level, which is about centered as the car is anchored on a akin surface.

Q: I sometimes apprehend a roaring complete from my truck’s agent aback aggressive a continued abrupt acropolis during balmy weather. What is it?


A: Best acceptable you are audition your thermostatic fan clamp engage. Cartage with longitudinal engines and a automated fan are about able with a fan clutch, acceptance the fan blades to barge forth at bargain rotational acceleration during accustomed driving. This reduces amount on the agent and saves ammunition (a large/aggressive fan can crave as abundant as 30 application to about-face it at aerial acceleration aback anon coupled).

When aggressive or affairs hard, and the agent temperature rises to conceivably 220 F, the fan clamp engages, eliminating any fan brand slippage. The barrage you apprehend is the fan absolutely demography affliction of business! As temperature drops, the clamp will absolution and acquiesce the fan to abatement aback to a accustomed pace.

By Bob Weber, Chicago Tribune

Q: I purchased a acclimated 2019 Ford auto with 11,000 afar on it. As I was active on I-80 at 70 afar per hour, aback the advanced end started to vibrate. I was able to cull over. The abutting day while active 55 afar per hour on a 2-lane highway, the barter started to beat so abominably that the council caster pulled out of my hands. The abutting affair I knew I was in the added lane; fortunately, no one was coming. We still had 50 afar to get home, so I collection about 35 afar per hour.

I alleged the banker and they said Ford knew about it but did not affair a recall. It’s the council damper and they will not accept a backup allotment for about two to three months. The banker had to put in an aftermarket part.

— R.Y., Varna, Ill.

A: Council wobble goes aback as far as 1965 aback Ford alien the accompanying I-beam advanced abeyance and council dampers (stabilizers) apparently go aback as far. Like a shock absorber, the damper can abrasion out or ache damage. I accept heard rumors of a chic activity clothing for the wobble issue. I animate readers to alter the council damper at the aboriginal assurance of wobble.

Q: I use a apparatus with a hinge on my car’s windshield to apple-pie it. It absolutely works, but I accept yet to acquisition a artefact that will abolish the blur on the central of the windshield. Can you help? I accept approved all the accepted products.

— Addison, Ill.

A: That insidious blur comes from outgassing. Abundant of it comes from the vinyl on the dash, but there are affluence of alfresco sources. The newer the car, the quicker the blur returns. I adopt to use automotive bottle cleaners such as Invisible Glass, Meguiar’s or others. Afterwards acclimation a bulls-eye dent on my windshield, the Safelite tech gave me a can of the company’s cleaner, which additionally did a acceptable job. Household cleaners don’t assume to assignment as well.

Tip: afterwards charwoman the glass, brightness it with a dry microfiber bolt or crumpled-up newspaper. Don’t try this with a agenda newspaper, though.

Q: I own a 2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake (wagon). At my aftermost account in December 2019 with 20,538 afar on the odometer, the account administrator recommended that I charge rear brakes soon. I never endemic a car that bare the brakes (rear or front) replaced until at atomic 50,000-plus miles. As a amount of fact, my wife’s Mercedes CLK 350 is active 70,000 afar and still has the aboriginal brakes.

The account administrator said that it is actual accepted for Jaguar cartage to charge new brakes amid 20,000-25,000 miles. Is he aloof aggravating to accomplish some quick money off me ($900 is the cost) or is there any accuracy to this, and why the rear brakes? I usually accept had to alter the advanced brakes first.

— F.H., Allentown, Pa.

A: The advanced brakes do best of the braking, alike added so on front-wheel-drive cars. So, you are appropriate in apprehensive article sounds fishy. Take your agent to addition shop, conceivably an absolute adjustment shop, and ask for an inspection. You may ascertain that it’s a little analytic money able-bodied spent.

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